About Cambodia Journey

Cambodia Journeys is based in Cambodia, so I guess you’re here because you want to know and travel to this amazing country! Cambodia Journeys will guide you to the best spots around this beautiful country and leading you to the places that you must see when you are in our country.

Cambodia Journeys is a unique, up-to-date online travel information service for travelers who will visit Cambodia. We give travelers the best tips for their trips and help them save money on their trip so they can spend less time planning - and more time traveling!

You will find that this webpage has been created for the discerning traveler who expects real information, service, and attention to detail from the minute the you begin planning your trip, to the day you safely return home. We help travelers to refresh their body and mind by putting them in touch with our culture and nature, creating unforgettable memories for life.

Our Vision &Mission


  • - To help you plan your perfect trip to Cambodia
  • - To help you experience the true Cambodian culture, splendour and mysteries of our beautiful country
  • - To create happy and unforgettable memories
  • - To provide our visitors with more than just a visit to a location


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Meet our Team

Our team members are based in our home office in Siem Reap, the cultural center of Cambodia. They have an intimate knowledge of tourist destinations that will provide you with a memorable experience of your travels.